Rabbi Oren and his wife Einat came from Tsfat-Israel after spending years helping many Chabad houses around the world.

They arrived some two years ago to S. Cristobal de las Casas and falling in love with this majestic place and more overwhelmingly seeing a need for a Jewish community here, they decided to stay.

There is a very small permantent Jewish community here; however most Jewish people who arrive are travelers from Mexico City, Israel, the US and other countries visiting from around the world.

The Chabad center in Chiapas state has been developing a greater depth of Jewish understanding for all Jews, whatever their affiliation, secular to orthodox.

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Photos: © Janet Schwartz; Oria, Dvori and Yosef Raz

Among the Chabad of Chiapas activities, there is a small Hebrew School.

Earlier Einat studied architecture and Oren classic homeopathy.

They now have five beautiful children whom they home-school.

L’Chaim to all!

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